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  1. Very nice sir , but I have question how to setup link courier partner to ecommerce website supposed I will create ecommerce website so I want to setup with courier partner …so how to do this please help I m waiting for reply soon.🙏

    1. @Vista Digitals thank u sir for reply,
      Very nice sir , but I have question if we apply free shipping for e-commerce website, so what payment need to give for courier shiprocket?? Please reply I am waiting

  2. ow to recieve order complete in my mobile ? after payment method? not like notification

  3. Why didn’t u tell in the beginning that it will cost $39/month for chat api subscription to send msgs. Dont misguide people by just telling its free. You have wasted my time, i was looking for free subscription. Explain everything properly with all hidden charges, dont just promote ur product by saying its free.

  4. Hi, I am stuck at waiting for webhook response… does pabbly require people to login and then place order because most of our orders are without login.

    1. Hey Raghav,
      No There is no such need to login, To setup this automation we will request you to place a dummy order for your website and then set-up this automation.

    2. @Pabbly I have mailed at pabbly support and got no response. We are a ecommerce apparel store and need to use pabbly

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